Vacation Care

Vacation Care Opening Hours 7 am to 6 pm
Closed Public Holidays and a selected days over Christmas.

Our Vacation Care program is jam-packed with lots of fun and entertaining activities for school children.

We prepare an exciting program, bringing back our most popular activities as well as planning new and exciting one’s for you to enjoy!

This stimulating, unique and fun program is designed to keep school-aged children entertained by providing creative and challenging activities that are specific to your child’s interests with a focus on leisure and recreation.

Our programs include many exciting and different activities, excursions and incursions that promote creative awareness and exploration while supporting children’s self-esteem, confidence and developing skills for school children.

During school holidays while our main ingredient is fun, we intentionally provide play and leisure opportunities that are meaningful to children and support their wellbeing, learning and development. During Vacation Care we are able to extend children’s experiences by utilising our connections with local community providers for excursions, incursions and themed in-service days.

Our programs are filled with ideas from the children and families. We encourage you to provide activity ideas or the interests of your children to the service, and we will endeavour to incorporate these into the program.



We venture out on fun-filled day trips to local venues, and some days we even go a little further.

Vacation Care Full Day session only.



We bring the ‘excursions’ to us – sporting activities, wildlife encounters, robotics, magic shows, dance classes and more.

Vacation Care Full Day session only.


In-service days

We include some themed days, like STEM, programmed, supervised and delivered by our educators.

Vacation Care Full or Half Day Session.

Booking procedure

Please ensure when you are making bookings that you select the correct session fee:

Excursions – Vacation Care Full Day session only
Incursions – Vacation Care Full Day session only
In-service days – Vacation Care Full or Half Day Session

What’s on

April school holiday program

Bookings can be made via FullyBooked login.

Bookings Close: 5 April 2024

Important information

Booking details

  • Bookings are essential prior to the attending of your child at the vacation care program.
  • You must also pay your term fees before your booking will be accepted.
  • Please note: Vacation Care days do get booked out. Your booking will not be accepted unless there are positions left for that day and unless you have paid any outstanding fees in full by the due date. In order for your child to attend, you must approve online booking and relevant excursion authorisation forms.

Half-day bookings

Available only for “In-service days” (not applicable for any Excursion/Incursion Days)

  • Half days are any 5-hour block sessions.
  • Payment for a half-day applies only if a child is at the service for a maximum of 5 hours and is strictly limited to only five hours.
  • If the child is recorded to be in care for longer than five hours a fee is added to your account.

Booking dates

  • Bookings for vacation care will only be accepted when all outstanding Vacation Care, BSC and ASC fees are paid in full.
  • Bookings close on second to last Friday of the each school term, and thus, any bookings made after this date will be considered late and incur a $5.00 late booking fee.


  • If a day is fully booked your children can be placed on a waiting list and you will be notified by FullyBooked once/if your children have been moved from a waitlist to the roll list.
  • Make sure that you check your emails (junk/spam folder) as this will be your official confirmation of the booking.
  • Non-attendance fee applies.

Changing your booking / cancellations

Families are required to give a full 5 OSHC working days notice to receive a refund for a cancellation or to swap days.

This means that you must give us notice 5 OSHC working days prior to the day the child is attending. The day on which you notify us unfortunately does not count in the 5 working days.

Any bookings after the closing date will be considered late and will incur a $5.00 late fee.

Any changes made to bookings after it has been processed will incur a $5 admin fee.

Children with additional needs

Our Vacation Care Programs are additional needs and disability friendly.

However, before enrolment, we do require detailed information about your child’s individual needs in order to understand what support and assistance may be required by your child and whether this can be met with our existing resources.

If your child has high support needs, additional support may be accessed via the Federal Government’s Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS).

Due to the additional information required, which includes consulting with your child’s school and completing an assessment regarding your child’s needs and whether these can be properly met at Vacation Care, the application process can take some time to complete. For this reason, we recommend that you start the process as early as possible by contacting 8353 4917.

Families with children with additional needs (ISS funding) must contact the Director by end of the week 6 (latest) to arrange their bookings. After this date, we can’t guarantee that late bookings will be accepted as we need enough time to be able to find additional staff for one-on-one support.

Daily fee cost

The fee cost for 2023 is:

  • $71.65 per child, per day. This fee is inclusive of excursions, incursions and activities.
  • $35.85 per child, per half-day (any 5-hour block). This fee is not inclusive of excursions or incursions.

Payment of fees

  • You will be billed through the weekly billing cycle.
  • The nominated account will be debited on Wednesday.
  • All payments will be processed using Ezidebit.
  • Any changes made to bookings after they have been processed will incur a $5 admin fee.

We ask you to please make certain that the days you have booked are correct as changing them at a later stage adds additional demands to our workload.

Payment options

Grange PS OSHC is an Ezidebit only centre. This means Direct Debit is the only method of fee payment available.

All new families enrolling with Grange PS OSHC will need to sign up to Ezidebit as part of their enrolment.

Absence due to illness

  • Your daily fee will be charged if your child or children do not attend, unless a medical certificate with the child or children’s name is provided by 5 pm Friday of the end of the illness week.
  • The full fee will be charged for absences when a child is sick without a certificate provided.

Late pick up / collection fee

A late fee will be charged per child if not collected prior to the service closing (6.00 pm). The late fees are as follows:

  • $100 for the first 10 minutes and $1.00 per minute, per child, thereafter.


All children booked in on excursion days are required to go to excursions, as there will be no staff remaining at the centre.

Please note: for excursions, children must be on-site and signed in 30 minutes prior to the stated departure time. This enables us to go through safety rules, the day’s event and procedures, and ensure children have all that is required of them.

Excursion t-shirts

  • Every child that attends Vacation Care on an excursion day will be required to have one of our new Grange OSHC Excursion shirts.
  • You can purchase them from the service for $12.00 only.
  • This is a once-off purchase unless lost or damaged.
  • Children will not be able to attend excursions if they are not wearing an Excursion T-Shirt.

Food (not supplied)

  • Please provide enough nutritious food for your child for the whole day (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea).
  • We suggest the children bring extra morning and afternoon snacks.
  • There is water available but we encourage children to bring a drink bottle.


  • Children are required to be dressed in appropriate seasonal clothing for the day’s activities.
  • Please note that the centre often does messy activities so be prepared for dirty clothes at the end of the day.
  • Extra clothing, if clothes are worn become extremely soiled or wet.
  • OSHC takes no responsibility for children soiling their clothing.
  • Please provide toe enclosed shoes. No thongs.

Food allergies (especially nuts)

We have several children who have severe allergies to nuts. If these children come into contact with nuts or nut products, they can have a severe reaction and go into anaphylactic shock.

Anaphylactic shock is a life-threatening reaction. We are asking families to help keep our children safe at vacation care and make the choice not to send nut or nut products in their child’s lunch e.g. Nutella sandwiches.

Think about the actions you would expect us to take if it were your child.

Electronic devices

  • Specified times will be communicated with the children for playing electronic devices each day. This is to ensure children engage in other ‘social’ activities.
  • Please leave all toys and precious items at home (including mobile phones) as they may be lost, broken or taken.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for children’s property brought to the centre.

Sun protection

  • Children must wear hats and sunscreen whilst playing outdoors.
  • Please apply sunscreen each day to your children before they attend Vacation Care.
  • Please ensure your child/ren are dressed in appropriate seasonal clothing.
  • Children will not be allowed to play outdoors without a hat.


We are kindly asking for your assistance to ensure that our staff car park (on the corner of Surrey Street and Jetty Street) is not used as a drop-off/pick up point when bringing or taking your children to and from our centre.

Ceasing enrolment

  • If your child has not attended the Service for 14 continuous weeks, CCS enrolment is ceased.
  • The next time they attend the service you will need to reconfirm their CCS Enrolment details through your myGov account.
  • This will need to be done every time there is an 8-week period of absence through their enrolment.