Parents and Guardians

Provider numbers

Vacation care: 555-101-099V
Before / after school care: 555-009-288T

We are committed to making our centre the best choice for your child by providing a safe, educational, happy, and trusting environment.

This page has a range of information and can hopefully answer questions that you have.
If you have further questions, please contact us


Create a new enrolment

Our service uses the FullyBooked system.

This program allows you to create an online enrolment, access the parent portal, and  update and create casual bookings.

Enrolment needs to be completed on a computer.

​If you have issues with registering / enrolling, please give us a call and we will assist you.

Manage your booking

Create an account and manage all your OSHC bookings 24 hours a day.

Book online in advance, access fees and service times, update your details, and more!

You’re in control of your information, and your changes are recorded instantaneously.

Important information

Open hours and cut off times

Our Administration Hours for phone and email communication are between the hours of 8:30am-9:30 am and 12:00pm-2:00 pm Monday to Friday.

    • Outside of these hours the phone and emails are unattended.
    • Please email any questions/queries to our email address.
    • Please leave a voicemail when calling to ensure that we can respond during Administration Hours or get a message to your child if necessary.

Our session times are from:

    • Before School Care – 7:00am – 9:00am
    • After School Care – 3:05pm – 6:00pm
    • Phones and emails will not be answered during these times as we will be ensuring the safety and supervision of children in our care. Please leave a voicemail if you need to get a message to your child.

Cut of times for booking your children into BSC and ASC will be:

    • Before School Care – 6:00 pm the evening before care is required.
    • After School Care – 6:00 pm the evening before care is required.
    • Bookings must be finalised for the following Monday by 6:00 pm on Friday the week before.

Booking cancellations will remain the same, as per our cancellation policy but must be received in writing to

    • Your cancellation email will be honoured at the time the email was sent.
    • Emails will be responded to during Administration Hours.
    • Unplanned absences on the day due to illness will be accommodated for but please contact the service to advise.

Frequently asked questions

How do I enrol into Vacation Care?

Every family must complete an Enrolment Form containing details of each child seeking inclusion into our service. Complete the online enrolment process.

Is there food/drink provided at Vacation Care?

No. Parents/families must pack a healthy lunch and snacks each day unless otherwise advised. Please also ensure your child brings a refillable drink bottle. Children will be given afternoon tea when able according to planned activities.

Do you charge me if my child doesn’t attend Vacation Care?

Yes, you will be charged unless your provide Grange PS OSHC 5 working days advance notice.

Can I bring electronics?

We are unable to take responsibility, or secure valuables (including toys, ipods, ipads, mobile phones and any electronic games etc).

Please do not bring these to our OSHC centre.

What is My Time, Our Place?

The Council of Australian Governments has developed the My Time, Our Place – Framework for School Age Care in Australia to assist educators to provide children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in life.

What activities will be offered to the children at Vacation Care?

We aim to deliver a wide range of activities that will not only be educational, but lots of fun. Programs will be based around the interests and suggestions of the children enrolled in our service. Incursions and excursions are included in the programs (extra costs are incurred). Example of activities: Kids Fit Classes, Cooking Classes, Art & Craft, Horticulture Classes, Bowling & Theme Park visits.

Do my children have to go on all the excursions?

Yes, each day includes either an incursion to the Grange PS OSHC or an excursion to an outside venue according to our Vacation Care Program. Families need to ensure their child will enjoy the planned activity for the day when considering which days they are to attend. Our programs are published well in advance of the school holidays to allow time to make your selection.

What time is the latest pick up time?

Strict 6pm pickup is required.

A late fee of $100 for the first 10 minutes and then $1 per minute thereafter will apply for children who are not collected by 6pm.

What is a Child Care Subsidy?

A Child Care Subsidy is assistance to help you with the cost of child care.

What support is available to me?

Emerging Minds has information on different types of child care and how to get assistance with the cost of child care.

This site also has information and links to other useful websites about children’s health and wellbeing, parenting and family support services.